As the remaining days of Ramadan go by, reality sets in. Whether you were at a spiritual high or low, this is the time that it becomes the most apparent. Regardless of how this Ramadan went, every single person is sad that it’s coming to an end. Those who met their goals wish they could’ve done more and those that didn’t, wish they did. The ‘ibrah we can take away from this is to always do more. Even if it is something small, to do it because there is no regret nor harm in doing a little more good. The end of Ramadan mirrors in a minuscule way, the end of time. The month went by within the blink of an eye, just like our lives. Looking back, overcoming hardships was worth it. Just like our lives. Everyone is grateful for the good they did and regretful of the mistakes they’ve made, just like our lives. It’s as if this intense month was preparation for our souls to get into shape, to have a spiritually strong rest of the year, until next Ramadan. Then, the cycle continues until our time comes. Until then, never let a chance to do good by, you will find (and need it) with Allah.