Welcome to the new H&H website. We are excited to launch a refreshed look for a new year.

We are welcoming in a New Year that celebrates and honors representation, beauty, equity and strength. We know the power apparel has in creating a sense of identity and belonging.

At H&H, we strive for ethical beauty every day. We were able to design hijabs and create organic henna all while being ethically responsible to both people and the environment.

With our growing H&HMED line, we are creating transformative, culturally inclusive hospital apparel for healthcare workers.

At H&H our products are created in the United States and worn by women around the world.

We hope our new line of H&H products will inspire you to reimagine what is possible, find inner strength or offer be a new favorite beauty item for years to come.

We look forward to all that is to come in 2021!