Our Story

H&H started with the belief in ethical beauty. We knew that we were able to design hijabs and create organic henna all while being ethically responsible to both people and the environment. As a Muslim women who wears hijabs, Hilal recognizes all the multifaceted places Muslim women show up in our communities and around the world. We know what having access to the right hijab and clean, organic henna means to us. Which is why H&H is dedicated to providing options that did not exist in the fashion and beauty space before.

Our Process

It’s a simple, but yet unique process. It starts with the ideation of each design while ensuring the fabric is sustainably sourced. Next, the final pieces for a collection are curated. The process is then completed in house and packaged in Minneapolis, with love.

Hilal Ibrahim, Founder of Henna & Hijabs

Our Founder

Hilal Ibrahim was born in Southern California and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For her, faith, healthcare, and beauty is a common thread that links H&H to the world of fashion. Hilal says that much of her inspiration is derived from her Islamic values: “We’re taught to be humble and be kind, but also to be beautiful inside and out. Sometimes society tells us that we can’t be beautiful in a hijab. I want to say to women, ‘You are beautiful because you are wearing a hijab, not despite it.’” As a Muslim-American she is proud of where she comes from and is inspired to make a positive shift in fashion. “You don't need to change who you are to fit in.” She says. “I am here to make room for modest fashion at the table.” 

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Our Promise:

Ethically Made

We treat our workers and our planet with compassion and dignity.


We respect and honor people from all walks of life.

High Quality

Our products and partnerships are made to last with the best materials available.