With our customized uniform-ready hijabs, Henna + Hijabs helps provide comfort and care for every employee. 

Muslim women are multifaceted and represented in roles across the world. Hijabs are just as much a part of a uniform as anything else, and these hijabs are produced ethically and with style and functionality in mind.

Henna & Hijabs provides fashionable options for modesty in spaces no fashion brand has ventured into before. There’s no place Muslim women can’t go, and we’re here to trailblaze right alongside you. 

Corporate Partnerships

We are excited to announce a partnership with Amazon to create uniform-ready hijabs for Amazon warehouse employees. 


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Our Promise:

Ethically Made

We treat our workers and our planet with compassion and dignity.


We respect and honor people from all walks of life.

High Quality

Our products and partnerships are made to last with the best materials available.